Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Leupold is an American brand which manufactures product like telescopic sights, red dot sights, spotting scopes and is situated in the Oregon of the United States. The company started as a family business in the year 1907, and they grew to be manufacturers of majorly all the optic related products. The brand is popular for its optic-based products and is used by the United States Army, the Secret Service, and the Navy Seals. They are not manufacturers of any weapons, but they design and manufacture the world’s best sporting optics and different kinds of scopes. As they are from Oregon, they have been employing at least 700 families in and around Oregon.

The company is a family-led business as they specialize in the scopes for various purposes and today, we will be discussing the best Range Finders by them. Range finders are used in Golf sport and are one of the important tools being used. It helps the Golfer calculate the distance from their current position to the hole or any other location on the Golf course where they would want to aim. There are GPS based and laser-based rangefinders and they work differently. In this article, we will be talking about the best Golf Rangefinder from Leupold and we will talk about their best features take to make it easy for you to decide.

Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Let us now look at the best 5 Rangefinder which we feel would be best based on the ratings provided by the customers and also based on their features

#1. Leupold Rx-1300i TBR Laser Rangefinder

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This model from Leupold is Rx-1300i, which is a laser-based rangefinder that will help the golfers increase their accuracy of the hit. This model is 100% waterproof, fog-proof making it suitable for most of the weather to be used in. The device is a handy one to hold and use. It fits in a medium-sized palm and you can simply look into the LCD and point towards the place you want to check the distance for. The device is known to have the TBR (True Ballistic Range) technology which will take into consideration various variables to make sure the range calculation is accurate.

There are 3 Reticle options available in the device, Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with Plus Point. The led display is smart enough to make sure they give continuous range updates on the screen when there is movement or also when you are scanning the whole area. The device is a mixture of black and graycolors that is the ideal color for optical devices like a camera. There is also an option to magnify and you can do so up to 6x magnification. The range of the rangefinder is around 1300 yards and if there are trees in between then the range can drop up to 1000 yards. The weight of the device is just 7 oz and is very easy to hold.

There is a scan button on top of the device, which lets you scan the area for the range you are looking for. The build of the device is sturdy, making it reliable and safe to use. There is lightweight polymer housing on top, which also has a grip on it that makes it easy to handle.


  • The model RX – 1300i has a maximum range of 1300 yards on a plain sight
  • 100% waterproof and fog proof making it easy to be used in any weather
  • TBR Technology takes into other variables like inclination to calculate the distance accurately
  • There are 3 Reticle options to choose from – Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with Plus Point
  • There is Scan mode available which makes the calculation faster and easy to read


  • The device was received dead with the battery also not working

#2. Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder

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The next one from Leupold has similar build, strong and sturdy, and also 100% water and fog proof. This model comes in complete black color and is as per the standard optical device. The model is RX-2800 which has a maximum range of 2800 yards. The built is sturdy and has a grip on top of the device and bottom, which enables safe usage. Many reasons make the device a sophisticated one to buy. One of that reason is the presence of TBR-W technology. Along with the presence of accuracy when there is an inclination in the sight the wind is also taken into consideration when calculating the distance of the pointed area.

Like the other device RX-2800 has 3 types of reticle options, one is the Plus Point, the second one is the Duplex and the third is the combination of both. To make the calculation accurate, there is the Scan mode available, which will allow calculation of the even when there is movement or when you are scanning the area. The whole device is housed on the lightweight aluminum case. The weight of the device adds up to the convenience in the usage of it. The lens in the front is ensured to be protected by fog or sprinkle of the water hence maintaining the accuracy and continuing with the durability.

The device fits into the medium palm comfortably and provides easy usage. The aperture is of laser hence makes the accuracy of the readings high. It gives a more realistic calculation for the golfer to make on the next hit. It can magnify 7x times hence giving you a good clear picture of where you are targeting. It provides a tree range of 1300 yards and a deer range of 1100 yards.


  • 100% waterproof and fog proof – enables the usage in any season
  • 2-years of gold ring warranty provided with the product
  • 3 reticle options available to make the aiming better
  • TBR-W technology makes the accuracy better
  • 7X magnification of the target area lets you analyze the distance better


  • The info on the view screen fades eventually

#3. Leupold RX-1600i TBR Laser Rangefinder

This model from Leupold is similar to the ones we have discussed earlier with a few features being different from them. This is another complete black model and is named RX-1660i. With the sturdy build and all the safety features the device can be just what you require on your day in the Golf course, let it be a little rainy or foggy. The device has a waterproof and also fog proof lens, which makes it work in any season. On the make of the device, it has the easy-grip rubber armor on top that provides grip when held in your hand.

The fully multi-coated lens system in the range finder makes it easy and faster to calculate the distance from the place you are standing from. The device works on the usage of a laser to calculate the distance and hence it is accurate. The lens has a magnification of 6X so that you can see what area are you looking at. The mode button provided on the side of the device helps you to setup the device quickly. The battery used in the device is the CR2 one and is provided with the package. The display of the view panel has a high contrast Red OLED Display. It displays all the information on the view screen only. The device gives a maximum range of 1600 yards, 1400 of tree range and 1000 deer range. It weighs just 7.8 oz and hence makes it very comfortable for usage.


  • This model is incomplete black with 1600 yards of the maximum range
  • 100% waterproof and fog proof make it all-weather friendly
  • 3 reticle options available and they are the standard ones
  • TBR-W technology makes the calculations accurate
  • Scan mode also helps with accuracy


  • The poor customer support being reported
  • Quality of the product is not up to the mark

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#4. Leupold RX-950 Laser Rangefinder

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A smaller version but yet the most effective of the rangefinder, RX-950 is a miniature of them all. Like the other Leupold products, it is waterproof and fog proof. You need not worry if it is drizzling or if it is foggy, the lens on this rangefinder is well protected. It also protects the electronics from getting wet or damp. There is a fully multi-coated lens that makes the clarity and the brightness high for better viewing. As it is small it is also light weighted and fits into the palm of an adult without any hassle. The body of the rangefinder is made with a gripped texture that makes sure you can hold the range finder with comfort.

There is the scan mode available that will allow the accurate calculation of distance even when there is movement or when you are scanning the area. It is light weighted and made of rugged polymer housing in rubber armor. The maximum range the range finder can calculate up to is 950 yards. The tree range is 900 yards and the deer range is 800 yards. The lens provides 6X magnification for clarity of the view and the device weighs up to a maximum of 6.2 oz.


  • 100% waterproof and fog proof – makes it easier and convenient to use in any kind of weather
  • It comes with 2 years of gold ring warranty
  • Fully multi-coating on the lens makes the view brighter, clearer and filled with the right colors
  • Scan modes make the calculation accurate
  • Lightweight and rugger polymer body makes it sturdy and durable one to have
  • It has a square point reticle view


  • No cons have been noted until now

#5. Leupold 119088 GX-4i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

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The rangefinder which is the last on our list has shinier locks when compared to the others on the list. It has a steely part on the front and backside of the device. The model GX-4 is a laser aperture that makes the calculation accurate. The body of the device has a grip on top which makes the handling easier and convenient. The device is made of imported material, making it a durable and reliable one. It comes with DNA technology which is the Digital Enhanced Accuracy that gives extended clarity to the image. The Rangefinder conforms to USGA rules 14-3 and hence you can rely on its quality and accuracy.

The body is made of gripped material and on top is the scan button that enhances the image quality when you are scanning the area or also while moving. On the side of the body, there is a button to set the mode of the device. There is a lens cover been provided with the device to make sure the lends are protected when the device is not in use. The looks of the device are classic and remind you of any device from the olden days. The quick-set menu makes the setup faster.


  • The device conforms to the USGA rule 14-3 hence a reliable product to own
  • The quick-set menu makes the setup process faster
  • Imported material makes it a durable one
  • DNA technology improves accuracy in the product
  • Protective cover for the lens to protect when not in use
  • Pin hunter 2 and prism lock availability
  • Very easy to use as per the customer reviews


  • Steadiness problem faced

Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder 2021 : Buying Guide

An optical device is always difficult to manage due to its sensitivity and its electronic components. Leupold is an excellent brand but with all their different models available to choose from it can get confusing to make the decision. Here, in thissection, we will be talking about the features that make the models unique to each other and what are the features or variables you need to look into.

Distance to cover

What is the size of the regular golf course that you visit to play with your friends? This is the important variable that you need to keep in mind before you decide which model to buy. Each model has its range capacity and, in this list, we can find the farthest range that the device can cover is up to 2800 yards. The lowest is 950 yards and of course the least expensive one. Always keep in mind that the frequent distance covered in the golf course is the best way to analyze the best device required for you to use. Based on this factor the accuracy and clarity level also differ. So, choosing the right one based on this factor is a sensible thing to do.


The accuracy of the device depends on the technology that has been used in the device. There are technologies like TBR, TBR-W and also DNA that build up the accuracy level of the readings given by the device. TBR – True Ballistic Range is the technology which considers variable like the inclination of the area that is in the view to calculate the distance. Even if the land is not even this technology takes into consideration all these variables before making the calculations. Some devices take into consideration the wind levels to calculate the distance in the view. So, if the Golf course you are visiting is too windy then this is the right one for you to choose from. Then comes the DNS technology which is in the smaller range devices. Digitally enhanced technology enhances the quality of the image and in turn, calculates the right distance to the area pointed at.


Magnification is not a very crucial factor to keep in mind, but good to consider. The devices come in 2 magnification options – 6X or 7X. With the high range of the device, the higher magnification is good to have. The device is designed in such a way that a higher range has higher magnification capability.


Safety is always very important in any device and especially when it is an optical device. The lens needs to be protected from various things like water or fog. Most of the devices on the list are fog and waterproof. So, keep in mind when you are making a decision which one to buy. You would go to play golf in any season and hence having the one with fog and waterproof seems to be a sensible choice to make. The lens needs to be protected even when the device is not in use, for this purpose, there are options of lens cover with the device and it makes sense having one. It also makes sense to have a gripped texture on the device so that the handling can feel safe and also comfortable. Some of the devices can have slippery texture and hence advisable to avoid such devices.


Overall Leupold has been a very reliable brand for decades and has been used by the United States Army and NAVY seals. It has earned trust over these years and hence we can also put that trust in them. We hope this list of Best Leupold Golf Rangefinder was a helpful one for you to make the right buy for your requirements. Happy Buying!

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