Best Golf Rangefinder Under $100 of 2021

After having the best quality clubs, balls, tees, and other accessories like suitable shoes and clothes, yet every golfer ask himself  – what more I should have that will make me a perfect golfer?  And the answer is a rangefinder. A rangefinder is a tool that a golfer can carry easily on the golf course along with him and it keeps the golfer updated about the present situation, the position and the distance of the target which helps in preparing for the shot and to decide how far the ball is needed to hit. To be a successful golfer, it is essential to be concerned about the entire golf course and the various objects around which are part of the play.

A golf rangefinder is a small-sized device which can be easily carried over the shoulder. It offers guidance to the golfers regarding the surrounding area of the golf course, climatic conditions and the accurate distance of objects displayed on the golf course. The laser technology is easy to use and manage. It is useful for the golfers to make decisions regarding the targets in focus and the required shots to play. It allows the golfer to consider the objects displayed around and to make use of accurately calculated distances while choosing a suitable club and playing a perfect shot. The golf rangefinders having reasonable cost will certainly help you to become perfect in the game of golf, and it will also save your hard-earned money.

Best Golf Rangefinder Under $100

You don’t need to worry about the cost of the product as it comes within your budget. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional player;a rangefinder is an amazing tool that helps you to get proper markings and allows you to proceed ahead. Some of the most supportive golf rangefinders are available under $100. Here is the list of some of the best rangefinders along with the link given below for your kind reference.

#1. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder

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Simmons LRF 600 4×20 rangefinder has LCD display, which is crystal clear. It offers a view from a distance of 10 to 66 yards around the target with a single push button. The rangefinder works on TILT technology and the latest features such as 4x magnification, in-view display and absolutely clear optics. The golf rangefinder device is lightweight, in a compact size and it can be used for longer hours on the golf course. It can run on the battery with a capacity of 9 Volts.

The golfers find the golf rangefinder highly useful while playing the golf. The in-view liquid crystal display provides a horizontal distance of the target clearly. The magnification option gives an exact view and location of the object. The rangefinder has defined various ranges for different objects. The ranges to reflective targets are defined up to 600 yards away, ranges to trees are defined up to 400 yards away and the ranges to furry animals are up to 200 yards away.

The Simmons LRF golf rangefinder fits nicely into a carry case, which is easy to hold and carry while playing golf.  LRF600 is a highly efficient device which remains weather-resistance. It can target the exact distance with the help of compact vertical design. The accuracy it gives is +/- 1 yard. You can see the target right in front of you while you get ready to play your shots. Find the branded golf rangefinder, which is the most suitable for your game from the list given above.


  • Golf rangefinder offers an accurate distance measurement system.
  • The option to target objects is easy and effective.


  • The price of the product is higher when compared with many other brands.

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#2. Halo Laser Range Finder

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Halo laser 450-yard rangefinder is manufactured by Angle Intelligence Technology. The golf rangefinder device is perfect for bow hunting. The high ranging magnification of 6X with the help of scan mode can have different ranges for the multiple targets. The targets can be easily scanned by pressing the button once. The golf rangefinder offers a range for multiple targets with different yardsticks. The device is light in weight and handy, which can be easily carried while playing golf.

Halo laser golf rangefinder is the most suitable tool for hunting. The single glass eye helps in finding the target quickly without any delay. The glass eye can be twisted to get a better look of the target with complete focus. It offers accurate reading in a short spell which is a useful technique that most of the golfers admire. The accuracy of the golf rangefinder is almost 1 yard and not more. It becomes easy to keep an eye on the target while making the shot.  The distance of the target can be displayed in both yards and meters.

The use of laser technology, which offers immediate and accurate results, make it easy for the golfers to hit on target while keeping others amused. Most golfers prefer to have superior quality rangefinder always remains at his best.A golf rangefinder is the most essential tool available for the golfers. It is recommended to the players who are willing to become professional golfers. While deciding to buy the perfectly designed golf rangefinder, you should find the price of the device, which is reasonable. Also, you should consider the performance of the device and the advanced features available.


  • Simple function system is easy to operate but remains effective on the golf course.
  • Golf rangefinder offers laser technology which is accurate and encouraging.


  • Sometimes it takes a longer time to pick the target aimed at.

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#3. BOBLOV 650Yards Golf Rangefinder

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BOBLOV 650 yards golf rangefinder works using Pinsensor 6X magnification and uses laser techniques. It works effectively and focuses on the targets easily. The golf rangefinder tool finds accurate measurements while calculating the distances over the overlapping objects. The range can be locked around 200 yards while measuring different objects on the golf course while finding the distances between golf flags. It can display the calculated distance in terms of either yards or meter. The magnification easily supports and offers measurements with 1 yard of accuracy.

The golf rangefinder also has customized buttons to control the vibrations and also to control the slope. The golf slope works in three different modes. The three modes ate flag locking mode, speed mode and ranging mode. The speed mode helps to measure the moving objects, after targeting the objects moving with speed. The entire data regarding the moving object gets displayed on the LCD screen. The golf slope works in three different modes. The three modes ate flag locking mode, speed mode and ranging mode. The speed mode helps to measure the moving objects, after targeting the objects moving with a speed. The entire data regarding the moving object gets displayed on the LCD screen.

The handy BOBLOV 650 rangefinder tool can be easily carried in the carry case which is to handle and manages the required task of identifying the targets and calculating distances. The golfers feel confident while playing the game due to the rangefinder tool which runs smoothly on battery for long hours. The price of the product is user-friendly and most of the golfers will immediately agree to buy the most delightful device rangefinder, which is available under $ 100.


  • The rangefinder works efficiently and targets the objects easily.


  • It takes time to stabilize the device before measuring the targets.

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#4. Visionking 6×25 Rangefinder

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Visionking rangefinder is one of the famous range hunting tools used with laser technology while playing golf.  It can have range up to 650 yards using Pinesensor technology for measuring sand bunkers, green tops and the golf flags. The golf rangefinder tool is 4.8*2.8*1.58 inches of size and 8.82 ounces in weight which is easy to carry while on the golf course. The carry case can easily store the rangefinder package along with handy pouch, strap, microfiber, CR2 battery and the wiping cloth. It is easy to take the carry case over the shoulder while walking on the ground to play golf.

The golf rangefinder works on high-tech laser technology. It mainly works by emitting invisible, infrared rays which remain safe for the vision. It measures the range accurately by identified the target. The laser technology used is based on different modes. The golf mode measures the golf flag and finds out the accurate distance faster. The hunting mode measures the distance from any animal present around. Rangefinder constantly updates the golfer regarding the entire outlook of the ground and also about the objects displayed around, including golf flags, green tops, sand bunkers and even animals or birds.

Thenew Visionking golf rangefinder is made of high-quality plastic material and it works with the help of a single eyepiece lens. The lens can be adjusted while selecting the target and finding the distance. The multi-coating body of the tool is long durable and can be easily carried. The LCD display screen is clear and indicates the messages while using it on the golf course. The golf rangefinders help the golfers to make the survey of the golf course and help in finding the holes accurately before deciding to play their shots. Also, the rangefinder magnifies the difficult regions having slopes or gaps, which make it easy to play the shots.


  • It is lightweight and portable to carry and long durable.
  • The effective measurement system enhances golfer performance.


  • The rangefinder does not have options for the bird’s view.

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#5. Laser 900 Yard, Range Finder

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Laser rangefinder 900 yards is based on the latest technology which supports 7X magnification. The distances it can measure are up to 900 yards. The entire body of the golf rangefinder is made of high-quality, durable material with soft rubber handle made in arch shape and can be easily handled. It offers you the best experience while using it on the golf course. The tool is a complete laser product and while using the laser beam to measure the distances, do not choose the transparent objects. Also, make sure that the pin lock mode is always on while measuring the distances.

The golf rangefinder tool is capable of measuring distances in different styles such as straight, angled, horizontal distances and vertical distances. The ranges are measured accurately irrespective of the style of the distance measurement. With the help of the mode button, the yards can be converted into meters. The laser technology is used in the rangefinders which are commonly seen of the golf course. The laser beam helps the golfer to find the distance of the objects or the targets easily before playing their shots.

The Laser rangefinder can be easily attached to the wrist strap and avoid it from dropping down. The strap makes it safe and easy to handle. Also, the rangefinder can be attached to the tripod while finding the distances of various objects on the field. The company offers excellent after-sales support. In case of any issue, you can contact the customer care executive and get your problem solved at the earliest.


  • Various ranges for the objects make it more efficient while using on the golf course.
  • The company offers excellent after-sales services.


  • It is required to download a map of the golf course.

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Final Words:

When a golfer decides to play golf then he gets prepared to go on the golf course with a set of perfectly designed clubs, balls, gloves, shoes and clothes. But still, he doesn’t feel confident about the game of golf and also about the shots that he wants to play. What he needs at this point is a handy, lightweight and the most wonderful tool called a rangefinder. Most golfers are completely dependent on this tiny but highly effective device, which displays complete information in the form of golf course map along with every object displayed around crystal clearly. It gives the exact position of the objects and the accurate distance which helps a golfer to set the field and to decide his game.

The wonderful device is weatherproof and can be used under any climatic conditions and under various lighting conditions. It is used to display the objects by increasing the brightness level, which has a huge impact on the game. You don’t have to play under natural light if it has become dim and you can make it brighter with the help of range finder. Rangefinder not only help the golfers to find the exact distances and weather conditions but it also helps the golfer in understanding the game better and to play the tricks when required. The range of the rangefinder varies from one branded product to another and also it varies from various objects such as golf flags, green areas, woods and the animals.

Before you decide to buy the golf rangefinder, you should check the prices of various brands. Most of the rangefinders are available under $100. Also, check for the performance of the device. Find more bout laser golf rangefinders and how efficiently it works. Also, find out the additional features of the rangefinder, which are practically useful on the golf course. Find the most suitable golf rangefinder from the list given above, which suits you and makes you feel comfortable on the golf course while you play with friends.

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