Best Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder 2021 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Did you ever wonder with such a big Golf course to cover how the Golfers manage to hit the ball with the right force and in the right direction? The holes are far off, and Golfers tend to lose track of the distance as they go further. Well, that was the case in the early days. But with the invention of binoculars, there came the rangefinders which instantly became popular among the Golfers.

Caddytek is a well-known brand that manufactures accessories for Golf and they have also come up with the rangefinders which are of the best quality and provides accurate readings. These rangefinders are laser-based and hence provides the best possible readings which will ensure you play your best in the game. Caddytekis best known for its Golf pushcarts and they are the best in that product. They do reflect the same on the rangefinders also. In this article, we will be talking about the best range finders from Caddytek and learn more about the features that make them the best. We will also be going through a small guide to help you learn about the features in general and how you should make your decision to buy the right one for you.

Best Caddytek Rangefinder Reviews 2021

Here is the list of 2 best Caddytek Rangefinders that are laser-based and can give the best results for your needs.

#1. Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope and Pin-Validation

Caddytek’s Rangefinder with Slope and pin validation is one of its kind from the brand and also due to the various features that make it unique. It has some patented technology that makes the distance calculation accurate and faster. It has a one-step mode switching between slope and non-slope compensation distance display. Focusing on an object can be a difficult task for a camera or an optic device when there are multiple objects in range. In this model of the rangefinder, there is pin-validation technology that will easily calculate the distance between your position to the flag of the hole, ignoring all the background objects. In the green area of the golf course, there are other objects in the range like a bush, trees, plants and many other things that might happen to misdirect the rangefinder. With this model, this problem is eliminated with pin-validation technology.

To add on to this technology, there is the “Jolt” function, which will enhance the accuracy of the readings. The optics of the rangefinder comes with standard features. It has a magnification of 6X that makes the pictures clearer and detailed. The range of the view in this rangefinder is from 5 yards to 800 yards, making it easy for you to look at that last flag hole. The accuracy is +/- 1 yard making it one of the accurate readings. So, the Golfer needs to consider this when making that long hit. The device is powered by an electricity source and the source of the electricity is the battery. The CR2 3V battery, which is included in the pack is good enough to power the device for a long time.

To avoid unnecessary discharge of the battery power, the device auto shuts when it is inactive for 10 seconds. This ensures long time usage is possible with a single charge. The device is also waterproof, which means you can also use the device in the rain or the drizzle. This protects the lens of the device hence compatible in all weathers. The device is also weighing just around 8 ounces and fits into the palm of an adult without any issues.


  • Mode-switching between non-slope and slope distance display available
  • Flag-seeking or Pin-validation technology makes sure the flag distance is calculated accurately avoid all other background objects
  • 6X magnification and 5-800 yards of range coverage
  • The power source is a 3V battery which is already included in the device
  • Fits into the palm very easily


  • Some customers found the distance calculation to be inaccurate

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#2. CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pin

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The second one from CaddyTek is also the laser type rangefinder with pin seeking and slope compensate distance display. CaddyTek, along with the Golf cart has also introduced this device, which will help you calculate the distance of the hole for you to strike at. The device has a one-step mode switching from slope to non-slope compensation distance display. The device will avoid the slopes that are present in the view and will ignore them to calculate the correct distance. Like the first device we spoke about, even this model has an accuracy level of +/- 1 yard. This is good enough to make the right calculation by the golfer.

The main lens that is installed on this model is a 6X zoom lens, which is sufficient to get the right view of the target and it will help the golfer make the right calculation of his own. The picture is clearer and detailed to give the right view of the target. To save this powerful lens, the device is also IPX4 waterproof, which means you can use the device even during a slight drizzle. This is made for all seasons and you will be astonished of its features overall. You will surely be impressed. As you need to hold it for sometime and should not be shaking your hand while viewing through it, it is designed just to weigh 8 oz. The reticle is square and dot type, which can be used to focus on the target.

The range of the device is from 5-800 yards well up to the target flag. The pin seeking technology makes the usage of the rangefinder easier and enhances the Golfer’s accuracy level. The Flag seeking technology also ensures you can focus just on the flag ignoring all the background objects hence making the distance calculation accurate. The device is easy to carry in the carry pouch that is provided with the rangefinder. The pouch also protects the device from shocks and any impacts.


  • Patented mode-switching display makes the device a unique one
  • 6X magnification makes the view clearer and also detailed one
  • IPX4 waterproof feature makes it compatible in any seasons/weather
  • The range of the device is 5-800 yards
  • Flag-seeking technology only focuses on the flag which is the target – it ignores the background bushes or trees
  • Weighs less than 8 oz


  • Customer service needs to be improved as per customers
  • Quality can be improved in comparison to other brands

Best Caddytek Golf Laser Rangefinder 2021 : Buying Guide

In general, buying a rangefinder is not so easy with multiple features included in it. In this section, we will try and address some of those main features that will make the device a good one to have.


Magnification is necessary for the rangefinder to ensure the view of the target is clear and detailed. If the Golfer does not have a clear view of the target, then that game is already half lost. Hence the rangefinders with good magnification can help resolve this issue. The standard lens magnification is 6X, which does the job for you. With the distance within 1000 yards, this magnification does the job accurately. If you are going in for a higher distance, then the magnification requirement is also different. In those cases, you can look at 7X zoom availability in a rangefinder.


The safety of the device is important as it involves the delicate placement of optics to give an accurate reading. Hence having a pouch for your device is a sensible thing. Some brands come with a pouch that protects the device from shocks and impact. It also makes the carrying of the device easier. So, look for such brands that provide you with such pouches.


Golfers can play golf in most of the weather conditions, being it slightly rainy or in the hot sun. Hence the device needs to be well protected from the rain. Most of the brands have a waterproof feature for this reason. Some brands come with IPX4 certified waterproof, which is a good feature to have. Your device is well protected from water and also there will be no accumulation of humidity in the lens. Accumulation of humidity would reduce the accuracy of the reading.

Pin-Seeking Feature

This feature is not available on many devices but presents in the CaddyTek device. This feature enables the rangefinder to target the flag at the hole by ignoring any other objects in the background. With the green background in the golf course, some devices find it difficult to focus on a specific target. With this feature, the device can focus on the flag, ignoring the bushes and the trees in the background which is also green in color.


Caddytek brand is known for the accessories for Golfers and golf games. Their rangefinders that we have discussed just now are the best in their brand. We feel they are one of the best in rangefinders across various brands. We hope to have given you a good insight into them, enabling you to have a good edge on making the decision. Happy Buying!

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